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The Path of Least Resistance

Water always takes the path of least resistance.

If it encounters something hard, it goes around the object.

However, enough water flowing the same direction for a certain length of time creates massive change.

Even something as big as the Grand Canyon.

As a drop of water, you may choose to join the other millions of droplets choosing the path of least resistance, thinking it doesn't hurt to just "go with the flow" and not make a stand.

But enough of these passive droplets, avoiding hard things, soon creates massive change. Change they might not even want.

But by that point, it's too late, the curves are carved, the canyon is made and it is impossible to escape the path you naively created.

Take a stand on the issue, vote against a popular policy, fight against common exploitation, resist the urge to go with the flow, and you might just be the one who makes decisive change in the world.

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