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I Got a New/Old Job with the Church!

My VERY first day at working at the COB in 2014.

At the start of the summer, I quit my wonderful job at the Church. I had been working in Disability Services and Deaf Support for the last year and a half. Obviously, it was the most incredible job and my co-workers willing to work with my health problems as much as they could. It could not have been better!

Walking across temple square.

But long hours in the office was playing havoc with my body, running out of PTO hours because I used them for sick days was making me stressed, and my heart's call to live among the branches of the Church in the world led to my quitting.

On my walk to work one morning - the COB is the tall building in the background.

One of my non-LDS friends said I worked at Hogwarts. :)

The thing is, I felt SO much peace when I finally made the choice and talked to my manager. Everyone around me was so understanding and encouraging, even though they may have been wondering (like me!) if I would ever find such a "perfect" job for me. I prayed and continued to feel peace; as if the Lord was telling me that it was up to me to make this choice but that He would help me with whatever choice I made.

On the support team for live ASL General Conference [April 2015]

I continued to feel peace in the weeks and months after quitting. I did have panic moments when I thought about finances or when I tried to apply for online jobs (interestingly enough).

Emotional last day at the COB with my little bro for moral support. :)

A few weeks ago, my WONDERFUL co-workers told me that they would like me to work as a vendor for the Priesthood and Family Department. In essence, I will be doing what I did before (minus the administrative stuff, which I'm SO fine with ;) ), but will working as a kind of contractor with no required hours and no locations limits.

SUCH a miracle! I am still in awe that I have been blessed with this kind of job. I left the most wonderful job and the Lord gave me back an even better one! I didn't even know a position like this existed - miracles are real!

So my day-to-day schedule includes a couple of hours on the computer, creating and writing content, and taking part in the best work ever! There is nothing better...NOTHING better!!

I even got to help with General Conference again in October and pretend I was on TV! ;)

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