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Why I'm Starting

The more I travel, the more I'm convinced that travel is no longer for the wealthy. Growing up, I thought that I would have to make bank to live abroad. But you know, everytime I'm abroad, I find more ways to live abroad cheaply and it's so exciting to know that I can continue hopping the globe!

I have had a lot of friends (and friends-of-friends) reach out to me and ask how they can travel too. After writing individual suggestions over and over, I decided to start as a place where I can share the travel tricks I find along the way and share my experiences as an LDS member living abroad.

So yes, maybe laziness played a part in starting a more public blog, but I absolutely LOVE helping my friends find ways to reach their dream to travel. It totally gives me a crazy high to create trips with them. :) So I figure, this blog can be a way for me to be a dream travel agent of sorts - I help you figure out more creative and cheaper ways to get to whatever country you've been dreaming about for years.

I just hope you still reach out to me with questions because I LOVE brainstorming the most random trips with you! Plus, you're questions will inspire new posts! :) >> EMAIL ME >>

Oh, and subscribe, because I'm off to Guatemala in THREE weeks and I'll be sharing the journey here on :)

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