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If you dream of traveling to more 'scuses...

Just yesterday my mission trainer was telling me that she wants to go back to Hungary for a visit, but $800-1200 tickets are just too much for her little family. Agreed, that's WAY too much...for anyone.

I told her about Norwegian Air Shuttle's announcement in 2015 that they will have $69 flights to Europe by 2017.

But in the meantime, I just learned that WOW airlines offers $99 flights from the East Coast to Europe. And this week they announced that they will be offering $199 flights from the West Coast to Europe! (With $99 flights from California to Iceland!)

Like most budget airlines (like RyanAir, Allegiant, and others) you have to be the first customers on a flight to get the good deals - so keep your eyes open. Also, they make up some of the costs with luggage fees and seat fees. If you're like me and don't mind traveling really light and getting the seat by the bathroom, it's an AMAZING deal!

Oh, and once you get to Europe, keep the travel costs down with some of the tricks I learned while I was over there.

Maybe it's time to visit my mission again! :D

Destiny Yarbro on mission in Hungary


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