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Sabbath Day in Cobán





Brenda, the gem of a member who became our dear friend.

We woke up this morning to the sound of a rooster outside our window and a neighbor across the way washing her clothes on a pila or washboard! :) Mom ran to the window to peek out and listen for the pila and then got all soft. She turned to me and said, “It doesn’t mean anything in and of itself (to see/hear the little things), but it means everything!” Then she started crying. She is just LOVING this!!

Then as she was going into the bathroom, she heard a voice outside the window. “La prensa! La prensa!” She ran to the window and even started singing along with him too. She knew immediately what it was - it was straight out of her mission. She is loving everything that is still the same. (And the children, always the children. :) )

We changed our clothes and hopped the bus to Brenda’s house. Brenda and her friend had stayed up all night preparing food for us. As we walked into her home, she cried everytime she recognized someone from the last trip and when she saw Mike’s mom. :) She gave Mama Peck a necklace with coins. She was so kind and we just felt her love.

Brenda giving the necklace to Mike's mom. Mike is standing on the right.

She gave us a HUGE breakfast - tortillas, black beans, cooked bananas, cheese, cream and a fun purple fruit drink. The walls were white and we had two big tables (she couldn’t find any chairs and was so embarrassed because of that) and she kept saying that her home was simple, but it was wonderful and we loved being in her home.

I love Mom's excitement in this video at Brenda's. :)

Afterwards, walked to a nearby chapel and got there late. We waited in the hall with many Guatemalan members - they were so quite while the sacrament was being passed in the foyer. We attended the 2nd ward in Coban - it was held mainly in Spanish with some Kekchi. I stayed in the chapel for Sunday School in Spanish and Mom went to Primary. I’m sure she’s loving it. :) I also stayed for a combined 5th Sunday meeting. They used a video from the Church - shown on a small laptop from a chair propped up on a table so a few people could see it. :)

I want to learn Spanish again so badly. Mine is way rusty and I think I could pick it up quickly. Can’t help but think that if I move somewhere around here, I could just tackle Spanish head on. I think if I immersed myself, I could truly learn it well relatively quickly (certainly faster than Hungarian!) I’m so glad this ward spoke Spanish for Mom’s sake. I’m sure she’s using it all she can. :) There is internet at the Church so we are able to post photos to Facebook for the family!


My friend, Megan Rogers, took this amazing photo in Primary.

After church I found out that Mom got to teach a primary class of 12 kids for a teacher who didn’t show!! She was absolutely ecstatic when she finished class. I’m SO happy for her - she is just on fire and so happy! :)

Mom with one of her little Primary students.

We went to Brenda’s after Church for lunch - so many tortillas, black beans, bananas, etc. By the time we got to the hotel, we only had about 30 minutes to rest. I’m still in “survivor” mode a bit - my body is staying at < 50% range. Just grateful I've come this far that I can press forward at 50%. Blessings! :)

Delicious food at Brenda's. Plantains, corn tortillas, eggs, beans, cheese and cream!


We had an AMAZING first fireside in San Pedro Carcha! Jade and Amy gave great testimonies. The highlights of the fireside were:

  • A brother bearing his testimony in English to us. So sincere and full of the spirit, especially when he said “We love you.” Pure, unconditional love.

  • The closing prayer said in Kekchi by a member. I couldn’t understand it, but I felt like I could because the Spirit was so strong as he humbly prayed.

  • Mike speaking Kekchi between each song - he connected with the people so well.

  • Afterwards, I met this bright couple who then introduced me to her sister, her elderly “matriarchal” mother, and another sister (3 out of 13 total children all in the gospel because their mother converted). They were wonderful and I was able to give them the hymnbook. (Mom and I got a picture with them.)

  • Then Mom and I met this couple with a tiny newborn. She’s been a member 12 years - he was not married yet. Mom, of course, took the opportunity to bear her little testimony to him to help him toward baptism. :) (We got a picture with them as well.)

  • Afterwards, Brenda had Christmas cinnamon tamales waiting for us in the church kitchen and then we went to her home for a delicious fruit drink that she had main from the fruit in her yard. (A fruit we don’t have in the USA.) Brenda and Mom have really hit it off.

The last highlight was that Brenda had copied a poem she had written about the influence of the “hymns of Zion”. We each got a copy of the poem. She spoke of how, even when she is sad, the hymns of Zion lift her and give her peace. Such a tender gift!

My favorite photo from the day. Megan caught this shot of my mom with a little Primary girl.


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