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Istanbul has been in my heart this week...

What can I say, the last week Istanbul has been on my mind and in my heart (more than usual) for three reasons:

Brother Bauer and his wife spoke at BYU-Hawaii's devotional last week. I knew Brother Bauer as Elder Bauer while I lived in Istanbul - he and his wife were the senior couple serving there at the time.

In the devotional he talks about three members - all three who I knew and loved while I was there! Murat was my branch president (who actually went to my home town during his mission to Arizona - I was like 3 years old), Mine was the wonderful woman I lived with while I was there, and Adem was one of the other YSAs in the branch.

I felt SO much joy as I watched this devotional. [And to top it off, my brother, Hyram, was one of the singers in the musical number. He's the first guy on the left. :) ]

Tukish Airlines just came out with an awesome video with superb views of every thing I came to love in Istanbul: the Bosphorus, the Blue Mosque, the markets, the boats, the amazing people and even the adorable old men who play board games together on the street.

3. But mainly, the bombing.

I put this last simply because this is not the Istanbul I know. The Istanbul I know is tolerant and welcoming. When I lived there in 2013 as an au pair, I was surprised at how deeply I came to love the city and the people. My heart just hurts for all those hurt in this senseless bombing.

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