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I'm Officially Moving to Vietnam!

I just purchased my ONE WAY ticket to Ho Chi Minh City tonight!

I am officially moving to Vietnam on March 8th, 2016!

For years I have dreamed of this - I can't believe it's actually happening!

And for those of you nomads, like me, who love cheap travel hacks:

By purchasing a flight from Salt Lake City to Las Angeles and then a second flight from Los Angeles to Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City, I was able to get the cost from over $1,000 down to $630. Plus, Taipei doesn't require going through customs or re-checking luggage during layovers.

I also saved about $200 because I'm flying with Southwest and Eva Air; both of which give 2 free check-in bags and 2 free personal items. [Other airlines would have charged me an arm and a leg to move.]

Another great thing is that by booking these airlines myself, I will 1) be traveling a little over 20 hours rather than almost 40 hours, 2) arrive in Ho Chi Minh at 10 AM rather than 1 AM, and 3) have more than enough time between flights to go through customs without having to sleep on the floor of a Chinese airport.

I am EAGER to get my own place in Ho Chi Minh, eat some of the healthiest food on the planet, ride motorcycles around the city, and serve in a branch once more!

My Last Visit in 2013

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