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  • Destiny Yarbro

Afraid of Ignorance

Give yourself permission to not know things.

Some people will see ignorance as a point of failure,

but successful people see it as acknowledgment of reality

and an opportunity for growth.

Posturing and pretending to have all the answers may

make you appear more accomplished to others,

but it's asking questions - even silly-seeming ones -

that eventually leads to "aha!" moments.

Why are we afraid to acknowledge our ignorance?

No one wants to look stupid among their peers.

No one wants to feel behind.

No one wants to appear uneducated.

And yet, every single one of us is stupid, behind, and uneducated sometimes. That's a normal human experience. It's something we can all relate to.

You and I are clueless about most of our work. Let's just admit it. We are just trying to make our way through our next project driven by the excitement of learning as we go.

So rather than being afraid of coming off as ignorant to your friends, co-workers, pastor, mentor, or family, can't we just accept that we're all ignorant most of the time?

Provo, Utah

18 Feb 2016

5:00 AM

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