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Proud to Produce

There are two fundamental ways not to be ignored at work.

One is to make noise. The other is to make progress, to do exceptional work.

When we hired our first full-time remote programmer back in 2005,

we were blown away by the progress he made.

He lived in Utah, nearly 1,400 miles away from our headquarters in Chicago.

Even though we never saw his face, and rarely heard his voice,

his work spoke loud and clear.

He produced, so he couldn't be ignored.

I'm a fan of remote work options.

My health cannot handle five 8 hour work days back to back for very long. Add a commute to the equation and I'm toast. But allow me to work from my home, somedays even from my bed, and I'll give your full-time employees a run for their money.

I have learned one very important lesson:

Working remotely is a vulnerable place to find yourself.

You don't get brownie points for showing your face in the office, staying after hours, or using your ultra-friendly personality to help everyone forget they're at work.

What matters is what you produce.

If I don't produce, you have every right to tell me to get my act together.

My work has become the standard for my job.

(What a revolutionary idea!)

Are you proud to stand by what you produce?

22 Feb 2016

5:00 AM

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