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  • Destiny Yarbro

Just surviving looks awfully good.

Start-ups are like extreme-skiing runs.

The person who wins is the one who screws up the least and doesn't die.

Success in a start-up is being around tomorrow, a lot of days in a row.

The wisest thing my colleague Dick Sabot ever said to me

was that "if we survive, we succeed." Why?

Because like the first run down an uncharted Alaskan peak...

just surviving was going to look awfully good.

- Bo Peabody

Lucky or Smart?


DREAM BIG to inspire you to take the next step.

DREAM OF SURVIVAL to reduce your anxiety when things aren't coming together.

Both perspectives are equally valuable to a budding entrepreneur.

The first helps you break down limiting assumptions.

The second helps you break down an overwhelming project into small steps.

The first inspires you to find solutions to your problems.

The second puts your problems in perspective.

Have you identified your survival parameters as well as your success parameters?

Destiny Yarbro

Provo, Utah

24 Feb 2016


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