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  • Destiny Yarbro

2 Myths of Procrastination

Myth One: Procrastinators are lazy.

Reality: Procrastinators can be workaholics.

Myth Two: Procrastinators live in the future.

Reality: Procrastinators live in the now.

Procrastinators are addicted to immediacy, and that makes it difficult to engage in tasks that don't produce the satisfaction of immediate results.

When we procrastinate, we fill our lives with the tasks that are

right in front of us rather than make the concerted effort to

leave enough room in our schedules to pursue dreams.

I don't tend to procrastinate most things in my life.

But every once in a while, my anxiety goes through the roof and I avoid a project like the plague. At this stage, I get a lot of things unimportant things done - from designing a new website to doing my laundry (though some would argue laundry is quite important.)

Stage two sets in, and I find myself not only growing in anxiety because I'm pushing off the important work, but unable to complete the unimportant work either. I sit at the computer, clicking from tab to tab to tab telling myself to just get something done so I can relax.

Contrary to [my] popular belief, I don't procrastinate because the project is too hard or that my motivation is waning or that I have too many other things to do, it's simply because every person on the planet is a procrastinator at one time or another.

Rather than reprimanding youself for avoiding a project, how can busting these two myths help you break through the procrastinator static?

26 Feb 2016

Provo, Utah

Get inspired for your projects.


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