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  • Destiny Yarbro

Don't wait on the voices in your head

Don't let fear of failure discourage you.

Don't let the voice of critics paralyze you -

whether that voice comes from the outside or the inside.

Every project, dream, business, or goal I begin triggers an onslaught of thoughts.

While some of the thoughts are positive and enthusiastic, most of the thoughts are analyzing the chances of me failing in this endeavor.

I used to assume that people who tackle every challenge in life were those without negative voices in their head. Now I would bet anyone that they are those with very strong negative voices in their head who choose everyday to not let those thoughts paralyze them.

Don't wait for the day when those voices disappear to go for your dreams - chances are good that you'll never reach your goals.

What goal are you putting off because you trust the voices in your head?

Provo, Utah


Get inspired for your projects.


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