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What Precedes Commitment?

Understanding always precedes commitment.

Some churches are not clear on a ministry process because they do not have one.

Others have one, but it is too complex. It is too complicated, too long, or too confusing.

The process is ineffective because it cannot be understood.

Without understanding, commitment wanes.

- Thom S. Rainer and Eric Geiger

I have found that understanding is key to motivation, change, and accepting new ideas.

Ironically, while most companies spout of short, easy-to-remember mantras to inspire their employees, they do not keep their work simple and easy-to-remember.

At one point, The Deaf Dream's purpose was so all-inclusive that few people (including most of our volunteers) did not know how to answer the question: "What does The Deaf Dream do?" I found that, as the founder, it was hard for me to simplify our goal into one short sentence.

Simple Church was key to simplifying The Deaf Dream. Even though the book is geared to churches, it completely re-set the way I approached our little nonprofit.

I can now simply say with confidence that The Deaf Dream sponsors the first deaf college students in nations throughout the world.

Can you say your company's purpose in one short sentence? Can your employees/co-workers say exactly what you do?

Provo, Utah

2 Mar 2016

Inspiration for your projects.


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