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Best Players VS Right Players

I am not looking for the best players,

I am looking for the right ones.

- Herb Brooks

Many wonderful volunteers have come through The Deaf Dream. At first, I wanted to keep everyone of them and committed extensive time into convincing them to stay with us.

Eventually I realized that they were good players, but not the right ones for the time.

Rather than investing my time into reminding good volunteers to complete their work, I began to notice the few people who, from the very beginning, were able to work hard on their own and move forward of their own volition. I let the other volunteers go and focused on those I had who were eager to get the work done.

Our team consists of three people - sometimes four or five when we have a specific project in the works - and I feel like our focus has never been better. We get things done on our own and check in with each other every so often. While this model doesn't work for everyone, I am more aware now that there are people around us who are "best players" but not the "right players."

What employees/volunteers do you need to let go so that you can focus on those who need very little upkeep?

Provo, Utah

3 March 2016

Inspiration for your projects.


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