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  • Destiny Yarbro

Triggers to Fight

Most people would simply accept the rejection.

Don't. Ever.

Train yourself not to shut down when you hear the word "no."

That is in fact just the time to really start fighting.

No human being likes to say "no" to another human being.

When he does, he is at his weakest moment. Take that opportunity, and start selling.

- Bo Peabody

Rejection. Failure.

Two words that we hate.

Two words that either crush us or trigger us.

Our projects should matter enough to us that it triggers our fight response. Like protecting a friend or a family member.

"No" is simply a segue to our next argument.

"No" is the invitation to try again, this time with a clearer vision of what's at stake.

What rejection has built your status quo and needs to be re-evaluated? What "no" have you accepted without a fight? What projects matter to you enough to trigger a fight?

Provo, Utah

2 March 2016

Inspiration for your projects.


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