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Why I'm Moving to Vietnam Today!

Branch dinner in Ho Chi Minh City. LDS Nomad - cheap travel for Mormons. Destiny Yarbro.

This afternoon I am starting my nearly 24 hour journey to Ho Chi Minh City!

I fly from Salt Lake City to Oakland to Los Angeles to Taipei to Ho Chi Minh.

The reasons why I'm going are not as clear cut as the itinerary but I know many of you are curious as to why I'd pack up and move to Vietnam. :)

FIRST, I have been to Vietnam twice before and was surprised how quickly I felt at home in this city. The last time I was there, I even felt that I would live there someday. Almost three years later, here I go!

SECOND, I absolutely love branches. If I served in branches the rest of my life, I would die happy. There is such a special spirit to being on the "front lines" of the Church. I love that missionary work is THE work of the branches - it's everything, not a side program.

Standing with friends in front of the Ho Chi Minh City branch. LDS Nomad - cheap travel for Mormons. Destiny Yarbro.

THIRD, I have been given my absolutely incredible job - working remotely for Special Programs and Services in the Priesthood and Family Department. This job is my miracle and I feel that it was given to me both to help me keep on top of my health and to allow me to live around the world if asked to. More importantly, I know my perspective will change for the better as I work from abroad and see the strengths and challenges of members throughout the world.

FOURTH, I am eager to continue opening up doors for The Deaf Dream - my little non-profit that supports the first deaf college students in third world countries. Being closer to those we would want to support will be a wonderful contrast to trying to manage everything from Provo.

Khiem and I in Saigon, Vietnam. The Deaf Dream. LDS Nomad - cheap travel for Mormons. Destiny Yarbro.

FIFTH, I absolutely love being abroad. To me, travel is more than a hobby or past time, it's a key part of who I am. Traveling provides a constant learning environment where I can grow as a person and become more open-minded about the world. As much as I loved my university experience, I feel that travel is an essential companion to book learning.

Riding on motorcycle through Ho Chi MInh City. LDS Nomad - cheap travel for Mormons. Destiny Yarbro.

SIXTH, I am eager to learn about new ways to travel cheaply. The more I travel, the more I find fun ways to travel the next time. And I really want to share these hacks with you - my fellow LDS nomads. :)

I have no idea how long the Lord will allow me to be in Vietnam - I'm not sure if this is long term or short term, but I do know I am excited to be out and about once more!

Love you all and see you on the other side!



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