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Plan Your Dream Day

When I feel my motivation for reaching my dreams and goals waning, I have found that planning my dream day gives me perspective.

Fill in the blanks with what you imagine your ideal day will be like as you reach your current goals.

My Dream Day

Every morning, I wake up at _________ o'clock in ____(city name)____

by doing __________ and __________.

After breakfast, I block out a limited amount of time to accomplish ________________________. I then work on my five minute steps for _________ and _________ projects.

I rejuvinate myself with _________, ___________, and _________ during the day and leave time for __________ as a way to help others.

Before bed, I map out tomorrow's goals and break them down into five minute steps.

I relax my body and mind with __________ and __________.

What's the Point?

This morning I went to a little cafe below my apartment here. My meal consisted of beef pho, a slush/shake made from real coconuts, and a myriad of vegetables, mints and fruits.

I took 10 minutes to map out my ideal day.

I went from having absolutely NO motivation to get anything done, to writing this post.

Even though I'm reaching more and more of my goals, I still lose vision of what's important. I forget why I'm doing my work in the first place. I easily become overwhelmed with my projects. Yet, I cannot count how many times I've done the above exercise on paper and inevitably taken the next step on my goals. There is power in vision.

Take 10 minutes to do this exercise TODAY.

Then repeat this every couple of months to remind yourself why your projects are worth your effort and to keep on target for achieving your dreams. Reaching goals simply to reach goals is not the point of life. Living our lives is.

If you had the flexibility to live anywhere and do anything, what would you invest your limited time on earth doing? Make that happen.

Destiny Yarbro

11 March 2016

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Inspiration for your projects.


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