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Ease VS Struggle

To reach a goal you have never before attained,

you must do things you have never before done.


I have found myself wondering at times why my dreams weren't easier to reach or wishing that I had a guaranteed outcome before I started a project. How sad that I'd prefer ease over the satisfaction that comes with completely learning something new or creating something out of nothing.

Our "natural man" inclination is to go for what's easiest to obtain, to set goals inside of our comfort zone, and then assume that we're getting the most out of life.

The greatest moments of life come as we do things we have never done before to reach goals that at one point seemed impossible.

Allow yourself to dream big. Remember that those who succeed the most in life (and I don't just mean success in worldly, financial terms) are those who push through the terror of doing something hard to do something never done before.

Take 15 minutes today to dream like you never have before.

What are your most radical goals? What are your innermost desires for life? What are your most random bucket list items? If you had no limitations, what would you invest your limited time on earth doing?

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

13 March 2016


Inspiration for your projects.


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