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I just discovered - a website that allows you to order food online to have it delivered. Yep, SO nice when you don't have a motorcycle. :) - website for ordering food online with cheap or free delivery in Vietnam. Photo shot of the website. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro move to Vietnam 2016.

I live in the nice part of Ho Chi Minh right now - District 2 - which means that the food prices are "high" (but still nothing compared to the USA). Today I ordered 6 full sub sandwiches (very similar to Jimmy Johns), two loaves of bread, and a guava juice for $5.20 (about $.60 per large sub). As they have a minimum order amount of $5 for free delivery, I decided to order my meals for the next week all at once! :)

I have a good fridge but am not sure how well (or not) food saves here minus the crazy preservatives we have in the U.S. But I'm hopeful!

I also found another place online that delivers for $.50 and their full pho meals are a little less than one dollar.

I'm still a huge fan of my Asparagus Breakfast place below my apartment, but so excited to try all these new foods at a lesser cost. I have been going to the Asparagus everyday and having their DELICIOUS pho and coconut "milkshakes". It costs less than a burger in the States and it's the perfect environment to write, work and practice my Vietnamese.

Photo of the beef pho at Asparagus Bed and Breakfast, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro move to Vietnam 2016.

Oh how I've missed you Vietnam - can't get any better than this! :)


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