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Use procrastination to your advantage

I was reading Steal Like an Artist this morning (the fastest read anyone could ask for) and suddenly realized that we can conscientiously use procrastination to our advantage.

We tend to procrastinate our primary projects - the most important projects, the time-sensitive projects, the projects where people are waiting on us. That is part of being human.

We can either get discouraged with all of this or we can do one of the following:

1. Never have a primary project.

By juggling many projects at the same time, we can trick our brain into not thinking there is a one primary project to avoid. When we are no longer progressing on a project, we hop to the next one and the next one.

2. Purposefully choose a primary project that doesn't matter as much.

I realized today that it is vital for me to have a main project that isn't my hearts passion - that's more about the money than the change it can enact. When all of my projects matter, they ALL become primary projects and I find myself shutting down.

Earlier this week I was on a TED talk binge when I watched this hilariously visual, true-to-life talk on procrastinators.

I felt much better at the end when he pointed out that we're all procrastinators in one way or another. I'm not the only one!

What project can you set up or sacrifice to be your unimportant primary project? (One that takes off the pressure for your other projects but you rarely progress on.) Write out your various projects and make a plan for how you can hop from one to the other to avoid procrastinators paralysis.

19 March 2016

Ho Chi Minh City


Inspiration for your online projects.


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