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Divine timing can be stressful :)

Whelp, I have some unexpected news:

I am going back to the States!

I have been dreaming of moving to Vietnam for three years and came here last month totally ready to make this my home. But shortly after arriving, I started to feel unsettled and this last week I have been guided to make this decision.

The fact that, as a traveler, I feel good about going back to the States is an indication to me that this is right. That's not my natural inclination. ;)

I purchased my tickets last night and am leaving Monday morning. I wasn't expecting to leave quite so quickly, but the door opened up with my apartment lease if I leave before the 6th. Divine timing can be stressful, but all in all, there have been so many tender mercies!

I'm not quite sure why I was brought here at this time, but I trust that it will make sense down the road. My mom reminded me that when we start a puzzle, there is often a piece that seems to not fit. In fact, we may wonder if the puzzle machine at the factory was broken. But inevitably, usually when the puzzle is nearly completed, we find that the piece belonged all along.

I think this is one of those puzzle pieces that will make a lot more sense down the road. But I have been blessed to feel peace in the meantime. :)

The verse that I have 'randomly' turned to time and time again during this decision is Mosiah 4:9 -

"Believe in God; believe that He is, and that He created all things...believe that He hath all wisdom, and all power ... believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend."

Time and time again, when my life has abrupt changes and turns, it is the Lord guiding me to learn something specific or experience something I haven't considered before. I'm not sure where He's leading me, but I'm excited for the next adventure! :)



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