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Temperamental Validation

Woman doing yoga. Temperamental Validation. Destiny Yarbro Blog.

As you have probably noticed, I have been slow to post the last couple of weeks. I could blame it on moving from Vietnam to the States or hanging with family, but the truth is, I got some "constructive" criticism that, I am ashamed to admit, made me question the worth of my projects.

I am going to share a portion of Steal Like An Artist that gave me some much-needed inspiration to write today. I hope it does the same for you...


The trouble with creative work: Sometimes by the time people catch on

to what's valuable about what you do, you're either a) bored to death with it, or

b) dead. You can't go looking for validation from external sources. Once you

have put your work into the world, you have no control over the way people will react to it.

Ironically, really good work often appears to be effortless. People will say,

"Why didn't I think of that?"

They won't see the years of toil and sweat that went into it.

Not everybody will get it...

So get comfortable with being misunderstood, disparaged, or ignored -

the trick is to be too busy doing your work to care.


I have to remember that not everyone will appreciate my meager effort to share what I learn. I am not a traditional expert with degrees and 50 years of experience behind my name. I am, however, someone that wants everyone to start online businesses like I have and make the world better in their own way.

I have to remember that validation is for wimps. :) I have to rely on that guide inside me that tells me that the hours I invest into these daily posts are worth it. I may never know who reads this blog, but I certainly hope that it launches them into a project worth doing.

Why do you work on your projects? Is there are reason beyond (often temperamental) external validation?

13 April 2016

Prescott, Arizona


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