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She who acts, owns.

He who acts, owns an idea. Destiny Yarbro Blog.

We all know those people who say that they thought of Uber first or that truly believe that Steve Jobs stole their idea for the iPhone.

And, who knows, they could be telling the truth.

We all get creative ideas once in a while (or sometimes all at once), but I have learned one very important lesson:

She who acts, owns an idea.

Too many of us assume that the largest part of making a successful company or product is coming up with the idea. I catch myself thinking this quite often.

We, like Ross on Friends, declare, "But it was MY idea!" convinced that our ability to think makes us the sole owner of a brilliant idea.

Photo of Ross Gueller on Friends. She who acts, owns an idea. Destiny Yarbro Blog.

Photo from

As humans, we all have the ability to come up with ideas. I am convinced that all people are creative in their own ways. The problem is that we do take the next step (and the harder step) to start creating. Or the next step (and the hardest step in my opinion) to publish or ship our work to the consumers.

Rather than trusting in our ability to think, trust in your ability to create. What idea is sitting in your mind, waiting for someone to make it exist?

5 May 2016

Prescott, Arizona


"All our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to pursue them."


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