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SNAP Deal! $311 Flights Los Angeles to Norway [Round Trip] in 2017

Do you have the Northern Lights on your bucket list? I found an AMAZING round trip deal from LAX to Norway in 2017. [Perfect for you, early planners!]

This is a SNAP Deal so remember to book quickly - I have no idea if they'll be available another few hours or a few days.

Photo of Norwegian Harbor with boats and buildings. $311 Flights LAX to Norway Round Trip. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro. SNAP Deals


1. Go to Skyscanner via this link >>

2. Put in airport codes LAX and OSL.

3. Choose "Cheapest Month" option.

4. Choose the cheapest departing and returning dates.

5. Book ASAP - I never know how long these deals will last. :)

Screenshot of Skyscanner. $311 LAX to Norway RT Flights. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro

The best thing about this deal is that if you're not a Norway person, you can easily hop around Europe before flying home. My $1 e-booklet, Cheapest Airlines Per Continent provides you with over 25 budget airlines in Europe to use in your planning. It was something I needed for my travel library, so I published it so anyone can use it. :)



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