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SNAP Deal! $311 Flights Los Angeles to Norway [Round Trip] in 2017

Do you have the Northern Lights on your bucket list? I found an AMAZING round trip deal from LAX to Norway in 2017. [Perfect for you, early planners!]

This is a SNAP Deal so remember to book quickly - I have no idea if they'll be available another few hours or a few days.

Photo of Norwegian Harbor with boats and buildings. $311 Flights LAX to Norway Round Trip. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro. SNAP Deals


2. Put in airport codes LAX and OSL.

3. Choose "Cheapest Month" option.

4. Choose the cheapest departing and returning dates.

5. Book ASAP - I never know how long these deals will last. :)

Screenshot of Skyscanner. $311 LAX to Norway RT Flights. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro

The best thing about this deal is that if you're not a Norway person, you can easily hop around Europe before flying home. My $1 e-booklet, Cheapest Airlines Per Continent provides you with over 25 budget airlines in Europe to use in your planning. It was something I needed for my travel library, so I published it so anyone can use it. :)



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