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So...Fear Never Goes Away Apparently

Reading one of the "classics" in my library, "Do The Work!" I was reminded yet again that fear does not go away, no matter how successful we are at our work.

For some reason, I keep anticipating that one morning I will wake up and feel nothing but the rush of motivation to work on my projects. While I do feel motivation often (one of the joys of having doing work that has meaning), I still feel this gut-wrenching fear that maybe they will not succeed or that no one will appreciate my work or that my work will never be worth money to others and I'll whither away as a 'starving artist.'

And yet, Henry Fonda was still throwing up before every stage performance at age 75.

Warren Buffet was "terrified" of public speaking and even ditched his public speaking classes.

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys still prays and gets massages before every performance to help relax and reduce anxiety.

Barbara Streisand used teleprompters for 30+ years because she was terrified of forgetting lyrics.


So apparently, fear sticks around forever. Not the most inspiring realization when I'm a nervous wreck about a nearly-completed project or product. came out with an article about the one fear that nearly every famous or successful person has: The Fear of Regret. Now that I think about it, all my fear, terror, and agitation truly can be tied to this one fear. I do not want to regret anything.


Today is just one of those days when fear seems to be surrounding me. And yet, for so many, fear pushes us towards our goals.

Usually my posts consist of problems and solutions. Today I turn to you to provide the solution because...well...I don't have one yet. :)

How do you use fear to push you towards your goals? Do you push through it, put it aside, or welcome it?

21 March 2016

Prescott, Arizona


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