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It's that wonderful day of the week - when nomads dream of leaving their jobs to travel!

Here are 5 jobs in places around the world + where their LDS branches meet + how RMs have an "in".

#RunawayMonday #traveljobs LDS Nomad

Click on country name to apply to jobs:

Program Manager [Trailblazer Foundation]

DEADLINE: 12 June 2016

Regional Manager in Central, East and West Africa [Partner Africa]

Some international and domestic travel required.

DEADLINE: 18 June 2016

Guest Experience Associate [Hostmaker]

Entry Level! (20-25k/year)

RM Plus: Fluent French Required!

DEADLINE: 20 days from today!

Market Segment Leader Genomics [

Work from Home Office - flexibility + travel around Europe

RM Plus: German would be helpful!


Radio Drama Sustainability Consultant [Radio La Benevolencija Humanitarian Tools Foundation]

Short term

DEADLINE: 10 June 2016

Oh, and I also found a travel job based in Ogden for our Utah friends :) >>

I do my best to find legitimate options, but be cautious when giving out personal information.

Happy travels, my friends!


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