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Staying in the HUGE Pro Bass Shop Pyramid in Memphis! [TENN Day 1]

For my first trip that I'm hosting alone (eep!) I get to stay in the Big Cypress Lodge located in the HUGE Pro Bass Shop pyramid!! I'm actually loving hosting alone already (though, I have to be honest, the Rovia members don't arrive until tomorrow...but still! ;) ) and am kind of glad that I didn't know until today that I'm on my own (otherwise I would have gotten more and more nervous as the trip got closer).

View from my taxi of the HUGE Bass Pro Shop pyramid in Memphis Tennessee. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro ASL Travel Jobs

I flew from PHX to Atlanta to Memphis and arrived at 2:00. It was a long day already but when I drove up to the lodge, I was WIDE awake. This building is incredible! Pictures just can't convey how huge this thing is! The elevator inside is the largest free standing elevator in the USA - 300 feet tall!

Panoramic view of inside the store with rivers, bridges, mossy trees, old trucks, lights, and a lit up elevator. Memphis Tennessee. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro ASL Travel Host

My room is absolutely beautiful - couldn't help but think my Aunt Coco and Uncle Rick would loooove this place! It's literally an outdoorsmen's Disneyland. :) I'll show more photos of my room later - I'm just in awe of the detail!

My room in the lodge with a stuffed dear on the wall, rustic lodge decorations and large bed. Memphis Tennessee. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro ASL Travel Host

My indoor balcony opens up on the entire Pro Bass Shop. Who woulda thought you could have an INDOOR balcony?

Porch with chairs, table and rocking chairs with raught iron fencing and a view of the Bass Pro Shop below. Memphis Tennessee. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro ASL Travel Host

I arrived and got in contact with the hotel staff and our excursion people to make sure we're all set for the members to arrive tomorrow. Found out there had been a fire in one of the restaurants earlier today so they were scrambling to find other options for us. It's been a bit of an exciting first day and I haven't had any luck finding a food option yet, but I'm learning a lot for my first solo trip. ;)

Absolutely exhausted. Gonna get some food and sleep. :)


Tennessee Trip

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