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My Recommended Book List for Online Business Launchers

My book list for launching online businesses. Destiny Yarbro blog. Inspiration for online business launchers and entrepreneurs.

It may seem overly dramatic to say that the books below have changed my life.

But in my case, they truly have.

For those of you who don't know my story, I have health problems that make working 40-hour-work weeks for extended periods of time, impossible.

Online businesses and remote work are the staple of my work life and key to my ability to support myself. These books are the foundation to all I do online.

Greg McKeown

My newest addition to the list. No matter how well you manage time, this is a MUST READ for us A-personalities out there. Life isn't about doing a lot of good things, it's about identifying and investing in the best things.

No time? Read chapters: 9 + 11 + 17

(It would be easier to choose which chapters I don't recommend - the entire book is genius and a quick read.)


Jason Fried & David Hansson

Restructuring our perspective on time, hard work and what makes a "real" job is critical when starting online businesses. I have to say, 4 Hour Work Week (see below) does better to change expectations of work, but Rework contains more sound advice for the average employee.

No time? Read chapters: Progress + Productivity + Hiring + Culture


Jay Baer

Youtility focuses our work on meeting the needs of our customers, building relationships, and providing what is useful - not marketing campaigns that cram ads down our customers' throats. I was recommended this book by many of my mentors and recommend it to anyone starting an online business.

No time? Read chapters: 1 + 3 + 4 + 9


Steven Pressfield

I can attribute most of my ability to finish projects to this book. I have read it more times than I can count and still find in it the inspiration to "get 'er done". I cannot recommend this book highly enough! (Just bring a marker because Pressfield swears like a sailor.)

No time? Honestly, if you don't have enough time to read this tiny book, you've got to slow down. :) You can read it in an hour - easy.


Tim Ferriss

HUGE disclaimer here. Absolutely love some of the content in this book but absolutely hate other content. Ferriss is not someone I want to emulate and is lacking in morals, but this book was one of my first eye-opening reads as to what online businesses could be. We are no longer in the industrial age where 40 hour work weeks were the norm; this book changes perspectives on work and business automation.

The guide to pushing through thoughts of failure alone are worth purchasing the book. (45-47)

No time? Read chapters: 3 + 4 + 5 + 7


Seth Godin

Must read for every online business. Gone are the days of mass marketing. Relationships with customers are key. It's a critical read for me when I put myself forward as a large company out of fear rather than own the fact that I'm a one-woman-show. :)

No time? Read chapters: 2 + 4 + 8 + 11 + 12


Jason Fried & David Hansson

Gone are the days of office-centric workplaces (see my post: 3 Clear Reasons Why Product-Based Salaries Will Change Remote Work). Build your online business not just with remote employees in mind, but with remote employees as the foundation. Remote: Office Not Required has changed the way businesses view remote work environments. Going remote is no longer about allowing 1-2 employees to work from home in an emergency, but an entirely new way of assessing employee value.

No time? Read chapters: The Time Is Right + Dealing With Excuses + Hiring and Keeping the Best


Austin Kleon

While not an online business book per se, Steal Like an Artist is one of the books that I read regularly for inspiration for my projects. One of the most highly rated books in this list, Austin Kleon provides inspiration with practical advice.

No time? Believe me, you have time for this. Takes about an hour and is the most visually stimulating read ever.


Scott C. Fox

Although much of the information is outdated, my list would not be complete without Click Millionaires. It was my very first exposure to the idea of online and automate businesses and is the reason why I work online. It sparked my ideas and encouraged me to design the life that allows me to use my time and energy for those things that matter most.

No time? Read chapters: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5


Seth Godin

Get ready for your mind and heart to be invigorated. Seth's book is one that has gotten me through the trying times when I am absolutely scared that my ideas won't work. He provides the inspiration to push through even when there is seemingly no reward for the work we do. Every page is a work of art and sparks my creative side.

No time? That's okay! Every 2-3 pages is a new, succinct idea. Just pick up the book, open it randomly, and you'll be sucked in for good. :)


It's my hope that this list will help you build your dream. You can DO this. You have an idea that will help others so do all you can to not give up on the critical work you are doing. Read a chapter or page and get cracking! :)

Crossing my fingers for you...


*Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page to Amazon. Thanks for purchasing through me!*

Click to read: 3 Clear Reasons Why Product-Based Salaries Will Change Remote Work. Destiny Yarbro blog for online business launchers.

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