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Simplicity = Happiness

24 Oct 2016

The Dalai Lama once said,


"Simplicity is extremely important for happiness."



I have come to find that there is more happiness to be found in the lives of a small farmer, a poor fisherman, and a dedicated mother, than in the wealthiest circles of society.


I haven't done any research. I don't have any facts. I have simply seen it time and time again in my travels.


So this morning, I ask myself:


What am I missing out on because I cannot (refuse to) keep my life simple?


For those of you following my blog, you know that I have been fascinated by the concept of "Essentialism" - a term brought forward by Greg McKeown, the author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.


I find pleasure in busy-ness. But the older I get, the more I realize that I rarely find HAPPINESS in busy-ness. Sure, it feels good to be moving forward on multiple projects (and the world seems to applaud the most busy folks), but I am realizing that my life is lacking because I struggle to identify and focus on what matters most.



Greg McKeown said, 


"An Essentialist produces more...by removing more instead of doing more."


The first time I read his book, I marked this sentence. Not necessarily because I understood it but because I innately knew it would become important to me; a key in my growth.


In a society that revolves around gaining more, being more, and owning more, no wonder it seems like a step backward to remove things in our lives in order to "produce more".



The other day I asked myself: "What is absolutely essential that I do in this life?" (i.e. What do I feel like I'm meant to do with the time I have left). I expected (like other exercises I have performed in the past) that I would end up with as long of a to-do list as I had beforehand.


However, I was shocked to find that I only wrote down only three things - three projects that I felt I was meant to do. The first project was obvious - something that I had the unique life experience and skill to make happen - but I almost didn't write down the other two. I am still deciding if I am meant to do them or if they simply are things that are hard to let go of.


But isn't that surprising? A list of 10+ projects wittled down to 3 (barely). Something about the question brought me to the realization that even though there are many good things I could do in this life, there is very few best things that I know I should do.


So I ask this question to you:


What is absolutely ESSENTIAL that I do in this life? 

Which of all my projects will make the most difference?

What projects am I uniquely qualified to do because of my unique life experiences?

What am I meant to do with the time I have left?


Destiny Yarbro

24 Oct 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada




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