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The first discussion in the taxi (+ the Las Vegas Temple)

I've had the most wonderful Sabbath!

After a wonderful morning devotional, I went to church near the Las Vegas temple. The ward had a sweet spirit to it - which I attribute to the fact that there were MANY members with disabilities participating. I haven't been to a family ward in a while and it was a wonderful change of pace from the YSA wards/branches I usually attend while traveling.

After church I went to the temple grounds, sat down on the lawn, and read my scriptures. The weather is perfect and I just felt at peace as I wrote in my journal. I'm trying to make a decision this weekend - I am just so grateful I got to ponder it on temple grounds!

My taxi cab came. My driver, Sinisa, has been driving 13 years in Vegas but is originally from Serbia. He has a wife, son, and a little baby on the way. He started asking me questions about being Mormon and this led to a wonderful 'first discussion' of sorts in the cab. It is always wonderful to share my beliefs in a non-threatening environment like a taxi cab or on a trip because people are more open to learn without mistakenly feeling pressure.

In these situations I just try to testify of the wonderful ways in which our religion sets us apart. Sinisa asked where the church started, so I shared with him about Joseph Smith's question at 14 years old, "Which of all the churches is right?" I was struck, yet again, at how wonderfully simple his question was, and how we all can relate to his search.

I shared about how we have the same church structure as in Jesus Christ's time, with prophets, apostles, and seventies. I shared that we believe in the Bible and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. Every page speaks of Jesus Christ and his role and specifically when he came down to the Americas to visit his children (the ancient Native Americans) after his crucifixion. I stressed that we ARE Christians - even our name says so: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I almost forgot to share one of my favorite teachings that are quite unique: we believe that we can be married forever. So not "until death do us part" but eternal life with our families. Thankfully that was the very last bit I was able to share in our conversation.

I am grateful for all the opportunities on this job I have to answer peoples' questions about Mormons. Every day there is a chance for me to say "I'm Mormon" and it's getting easier and easier to share!

As I was hopping out of the cab, I told Sinisa that the next time he meets a Mormon, he should think of me. ;)

It was such a wonderful conversation and a joy to learn from him. As he shared his love for our country, I was (once again) reminded that so many of the taxi cab drivers I meet are more patriotic and more American than some of my fellow-countrymen who either do not care or do not desire the best for our nation. I have had so many wonderful conversations with my cab drivers such as my cab driver from Kenya, my Muslim cab driver from India, and my cab driver from Bangladesh.

Happy Sabbath, my friends. Travel safe!



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