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My book is now published!

For those of you who are not avid Facebook-ers or Instagram-ers, I just wanted to share with you this week's big news.


Home Early ... Now What? is available on Amazon in print and Kindle.

Most of you know I came home early from my mission. I was so confused and truly felt I failed the Lord. Never did I think I would ever feel okay about my mission.

Today, my heart is full of gratitude! The words started to flow for this book 3 1/2 years ago. Then I started the interviews and reading thousands of survey responses. The Lord helped me heal and then gave me an opportunity to help others by collecting the advice, struggles, stories, and encouragement of many other early RMs and put it together in a guide for early returned missionaries and their families, mission presidents, priesthood leaders and ward councils.

My prayer is that those who need it will be able to find it. I'm so grateful for all those who have read my book prior to release so they could review it on Amazon. If you you would be willing to share the book with just one or two families who have struggled with this or a priesthood leader who is working with someone who has come home early, I know it will make SUCH a difference!

FYI - If you purchase a Kindle copy you can "loan" it to friends for a month or two. Or if you have Kindle unlimited, the book is free for a time. The goal is just to make it available in as many ways as I can. ALSO, there is a list of resources available at

Thank you for the love and support the last couple of weeks as I've come to the finish line. I could feel your prayers!

With a heart full of gratitude,


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