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I absolutely love speaking to women and young women in the Church who are trying to navigate life's most difficult trials. We have a sisterhood that is not found anywhere else on this planet.


In every Relief Society or Young Woman class I have visited throughout the world, I immediately feel that we are truly eternal sisters and believe with my whole soul that we have known each other for a very long time before this earth life.

Isn't that the most wonderful thought?

Some of my favorite topics to speak on include:

Strength in Weakness

As sisters in Zion we struggle with perfectionism. But I have found, time and time again, that as we are willing to be vulnerable and admit that we are weak, the Spirit comes in full force to our classes and strengthens our sisterhood. The most beautiful Relief Society lessons I experience are when sisters come together in weakness and feel of the enabling power of Christ's Atonement!

When Life Goes Differently Than Planned...

I had the unexpected "opportunity" to come home from the mission, twice. Over the last eight years, the Lord took the opportunity to teach me about grace, not giving up, holding to the gospel for perspective, and trusting that Jesus Christ's Atonement will make everything right in the end. When Life Goes Differently Than Planned, We Keep Getting on the Lift.

There is No One Way to do

Missionary Work

How do we teach our youth about missions in a way that encourages them all to serve, whether as a proselyting missionary, church-service missionary, or a member missionary? How do we help them recognize that there is no one kind of missionary work? The Lord can use their strengths (and weaknesses) to reach and teach investigators in unique ways. With all the variety of mission opportunities available, each of them have the opportunity to lift and serve, no matter their circumstances.

Welcoming the Marginalized Like Jesus Christ Did

Jesus Christ spent the majority of His time with those on the outskirts of society and taught some of His greatest sermons amongst, what the world often deems, "the other". How do we better recognize the strengths and spiritual gifts of our brothers and sisters who seem different? How do we teach with a variety of teaching methods (as Christ did) so that  ALL of our students learn the principles of the gospel?


I'd love to come visit your area!

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