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Are you working full-time?
Are you a busy parent?

Do you have health problems that limit your energy?

Does achieving your dreams seem out of reach?

Take my FREE mini training to reach your goals in less than 15 mins/day!

Seven years ago my health tanked.
All of a sudden, I did not have the energy to spend hours on my dreams. In fact, my energy was limited to minutes per day.
This sparked my journey to find the most efficient and time-effective ways to reach my goals.
It wasn't until years later that I began to realize that I was not alone. There are many of us that feel that we have no time or energy for our innermost dreams.
With 15 Minute Mentor, I know that you will reach your goals because this is the same process I used to write a book, start multiple online businesses, train for my first half marathon, and even learn to swivel board.

What if you could reach your dreams

- during your short coffee break?

- while your 2 yr old is napping?

- on your mind-numbing commute?

Let's MAX what little time you have
to get your biggest goals done.
Some of you are good dreamers. You have vision and can imagine yourself reaching your goals. But you never seem to know where to start.
Some of you are action-oriented. You work on your plans all the time, but never seem to reach any
of your big goals.
Some of you are good at reaching short-term goals, but struggle to be consistent long-term.
Some of you have simply run out of steam. You used to be able to reach your dreams, but now your life is so chaotic that the thought of investing in yet another project feels absolutely overwhelming.
15 Minute Mentor is for all of you.
There is nothing better than moving forward
and reaching your goals
predictably, consistently, and quickly.

"If you don't turn your dream

into a plan, it won't last long."

Dave Ramsey


Reaching your dreams

as quickly as possible

in as shortest amount of time as possible.


People do not reach their dreams randomly and unpredictably. They follow proven formulas.


Success comes with accountability to someone who has succeeded before and wants you to succeed as much as you do.

What comes with

15 Min Mentor?

We start off with a chat about your heart's dreams and how working on these goals consistently will benefit every area of your life.

You are given access to our elite online membership group where you can talk to fellow dreamers and inspire each other.

We map out your long-term and short term goals clearly so that reaching your dreams is predictable and achievable.

Each month we evaluate your long-term goals and make adjustments to ensure you're on target to achieve your goal on time.

You are given access to short and succinct videos that motivate, guide and inspire you to do your daily goals.

We will celebrate together as you reach your long-awaited dreams in record time. Key to accountability and consistency is reward.

Thanks! Look for my email.


My name is Destiny Yarbro.

I'm from a tiny speck of a town in Arizona named Paulden. I'm an avid traveler and life-long learner. I love eating jelly beans, reading voraciously, wearing ali baba pants, and spending my limited energy on what matters most.

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