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Self-affirmation books make me uncomfortable.


"I am in control of my life." Uhhhh...not really.

"Only good comes to me." Bad seems to come around a lot too...



"I can do hard things." Sure, but only with a whole lot of divine help!


Perhaps moving out the period a bit allows us to get the whole picture;

that we can do all things precisely BECAUSE of Jesus Christ.

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I Can Do Hard Things.

Through Christ


I am courageous .


because He promised that ALL of my

experiences "shall be for [my] good"

Life is overwhelming and difficult for many reasons: the adversary, the agency of others, my bad choices, the harsh realities of this fallen world.

But if I turn to Him and trust in His plan,

no experience or pain will be wasted.


I can move forward in faith because my faith is not in myself, but first in my Savior who made the most courageous decision of all.

It is because of His bravery,

that I can make it through another day.

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