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How do we live the gospel with chronic illness? How do we identify what is good enough for now in the Lord's eyes and trust that He will, one day, make us whole?

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Living the Gospel with Chronic Illness

When you think of someone who is “active” in the Church, who do you picture? 


The primary teacher who can keep up with the hyper Sunbeams? The bishop meeting with members daily? The consistent and reliable organist? The youth leader who attends weekly activities, dances, temple trips, treks, camps and firesides with the young men and women? The missionary serving the Lord full-time? 


Too often commitment to the gospel is mistakenly equated with the ability to attend all meetings and activities or the ability to hold a demanding calling. It can be difficult to identify what is good enough for the Lord when we live with chronic illness.

I am not writing this book from the perspective of an expert (by any means). I regularly struggle to find what is ‘good enough for now’ in my Church attendance and participation. 

Instead, I am compiling this book as someone who is genuinely seeking guidance, support, ideas, and hope from others in these situations. My prayer is that the answers I find in my search will help you as well.

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