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I'm Traveling to Guatemala Next Week!

LDS Members in Senahú

Next week, my mom and I hop a flight to Guatemala!

We are traveling with the LDS Kekchi Choir around Eastern Guatemala. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity opened up through one of my Church Office Building co-workers, Megan Rogers (who is also my dear friend). I'm just in awe that it's actually happening! :D

The Kekchi Choir was started in 2012, right after the LDS hymnbook was translated into Kekchi. The members had very few opportunities to hear the hymns in their language so some members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and their friends got together and went down to Guatemala. This year we are going to be performing Christmas hymns at various branches, homes, and schools in the area.

2012 Kekchi Choir

We leave on Friday, November 27th, and return on Monday, December 7th.

My mom served her mission in Honduras and so I am THRILLED to travel around Guatemala with her! She hasn't been back to her mission and even though Guatemala isn't her mission, it's Central America so I'll get to hear all her mission stories as memories come to mind while we travel. Talk about heaven!

I'm not really sure what to expect of the trip, but I know we are going to LOVE it! :)

Can't wait!

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