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Finally Arrived in Guatemala!





Mom and I are on our way to Guatemala! (Well, Atlanta first then Guatemala City.) The Kekchi choir group met up in Salt Lake City and we're traveling together which will be so much fun. Mom spent the entire time waiting for our flight talking with everyone in the group. She has so much energy! :) Our group is about half and half - half young single people and half older people. It’s a great mix!

Dad gave Mom and I blessings this morning before we left. In mine, he talked about:

  • Gift of charity on the trip

  • Content with what I have

  • He is guiding, be still and trust Him

  • Ability to recognize my body and when to take care so I can fully participate

Met a missionary who came home early and is going back out to Germany (he seemed very nervous - boy, do I know that feeling), a couple who does humanitarian service around the world for the Church (on their way to Haiti to do neonadal care), and I’m now sitting by a little family on a surprise vacation for their little kids (recently sealed in the temple). I'm meeting such wonderful people!

I love traveling but can’t wait to meet the people - that’s what will help this trip have meaning.


We arrived in Guatemala City! Exhausted but so excited to be here! Poor Megan (my friend from work at the Church Office Building) lost her luggage - though it should come tomorrow. (Fingers crossed.) Mom immediately began talking to the street vendors as soon as we walked through the airport doors. :) A member, Percy, dressed in his Sunday best came to meet us with the busses. Mom and he hit it off. :) She, of course, asked if he knew Hermana Soto (my mom's old mission companion from Guatemala who she has lost contact with). I’m sure she’ll ask every person she can down here.

We got to our hotel - it was so fancy (5 stars). Always a hard thing when the contrast is SO evident between the wealth and the poverty.

We couldn’t get any money out with our four cards which was a little discouraging but we all got to hop and the busses and drive to the GUATEMALA TEMPLE!!! Even though everyone was tired, ALL immediately wanted to go. With the full moon, the temple was absolutely gorgeous.

We got back to the hotel late. Mom and I went onto the patio of the hotel and just soaked in the sight and smell. We couldn’t figure out the hotel room lights (they would turn off every 30 seconds) so I stood outside the bathroom and kept turning on the light for mom every 30 seconds so that she could use the restroom. Then we switched places so that I could go. It took us forever to realize that you put your room card in the light switch AND LEAVE IT THERE for the lights to stay on. What can I say, I'm a rookie when it comes to fancy hotels!


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