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8 Reasons Why YSAs Should Work in the Temple

Provo Temple Snowy Sunset

Provo Utah Temple Sunset [Cr: Destiny Yarbro]

In high school I decided I wanted to be a temple worker when I was in old. Afterall, aren't temple workers ancient?

In September of last year I was doing initiatories when an adorable (and yes, old) temple worker told me that I should ask my bishop if I could work in the temple. I couldn't get that thought out of my mind and within a few months I was serving as a worker in the Provo temple!

With seemingly so many temple workers older than us, why am I convinced that YSAs should work in the temple?

1. We need a constant reminder of eternal priorities: marriage and posterity.

I have to admit, marriage scared me for a while. Over the last few years, the Lord has helped me bit-by-bit to look forward to that next step. But since working at the temple I have found a deep desire to have my own family. The temple truly helps me remember eternal priorities - discernment is VITAL nowadays - and hearing the words over and over reminds me of the joy coming.

Provo Temple Winter Pano Destiny Yarbro

Winter Pano at Provo Temple [Cr: Destiny Yarbro]

2. We need blocked out time for pondering.

We're millenials. Apparently this means that we have to have our phones with us wherever we go, be connected to the internet every minute of the day, and stare at a computer screen for work and pleasure. How grateful I am for temples without Wi-Fi! I need that quiet time on a temple shift where I can just sit and ponder without subconsciously pulling out my phone.

3. We need adopted parents and grandparents.

What can I say? There is nothing better than being surrounded by older sisters and brothers who love you and hug you and lift your spirits! Their adorable stories, deep insights, and strong spirits are absolutely needed by me - and for other YSAs as well, I'm sure!

Provo Temple Summer Pano Destiny Yarbro

Summer Pano at Provo Temple [Cr: Destiny Yarbro]

4. We need the memorized words to compete with the trash we hear each day.

I'd like to think that one of the blessings we YSAs bring to the temple is our ability to memorize the words quickly. That said, one of the greatest blessings for me is the opportunity to memorize uplifting words and have them at the ready if I need them. We have enough filth online through social media, Netflix, and sometimes, our friends. The only way to compete is with positive words engrained in our memories.

5. We need a greater purpose.

With all of the stress of school, work,, we NEED a greater purpose to our week. Even Church can feel a little stressful being that we're single and supposed to be not single (as our bishops remind us regularly). Recently returned missionaries can feel a little lost in the transition from the greatest work on earth to everyday life. What a better way to have a greater purpose in life after a mission or before marriage than to serve members who are serving their family members on the other side. Two birds with one stone, I say!

Provo Temple Fall Pano Destiny Yarbro

Fall Pano at Provo Temple [Cr: Destiny Yarbro]

6. We need to genuinely smile more.

After each and every temple shift, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I just can't help it. I'm so happy surrounded by friendly temple workers, feel so productive in HIS work (what better work is there?), and can't help but think about those on the other side who are having one of the greatest days of their lives. All I can say is, good luck NOT smiling as a temple worker. :D

7. We need the opportunity to think of others.

It's easy to get stuck in a "me" tornado as a young adult. We're constantly asking ourselves, "What are my dreams?" "Who am I going to marry?" "What should I do for my career?" "What am I going to study in school?"

We absolutely need time each week to just good ole fashion SERVE others. Roll up our sleeves and help the hundreds (or thousands) of temple patrons that come through the door. We have to make sure our hearts are right so we don't pull away from someone else's special temple experience and focus on facilitating work on both sides of the veil. We're too busy to be thinking too much about our lives. :)

Provo Temple Spring Pano Destiny Yarbro

Spring Pano at Provo Temple [Cr: Destiny Yarbro]

8. Once you're trained, the Lord can use you anywhere!

And for those of us LDS nomads out there, once you're trained, the Lord can use you in so many temples out there! Honestly, this was one of the reasons why I wanted to be a temple worker in Provo. I knew there was a learning curve and being able to attend the temple weekly would allow me to learn the wording. Now, I'd like to think that when I live abroad again, I will be able to serve in temples where workers travel long distances to work once/month.

Even better, now I have the words in my mind and heart for when I am live too far away from a temple to attend regularly. No greater blessing than that!

I recently got back from Guatemala. Check out my post:

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