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One of my favorite travel blogs: Seek the World

I had to share this AWESOME travel blog and YouTube channel, Seek the World, with you guys. Calvin, a traveler who happens to be Deaf, was featured on Business Insider this week.

I've been watching Calvin's blog expand for a long time and LOVE his crazy adventures around the world!

I haven't read all of his written content, so I can't vouch for language, but I love his videos. :)

All of you know my love for travel. Some of you may not know that I started a non-profit, The Deaf Dream, while I was at BYU. The Deaf Dream supports the first Deaf college students in developing nations through scholarships. When an entire degree in Vietnam costs around $1,000 - it's easy to make a difference. I try not to advertise on here, but if you feel like helping out:

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