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Glow in the Dark Skiing - I Think I Found My Heaven

Thankfully my dad introduced my brothers and I to skiing when we were little. I think I was three or four the first time I learned to ski. My mom has a home video of me singing as I made my way to the ski lift.

What can I say, I love skiing!

I'm not a mogul skiier, I'm the person who loves to find just the right form where you just fly down the mountain.

So I just found my new bucket list item. I MUST DO THIS SOMEDAY!!!

Like I said, I love flying down the mountain - riding so smoothly that you feel like the most graceful person on the planet. (Something that I'm not usually known for off the mountain or out from behind a piano.) :)

Before I move to Vietnam (in three weeks!!!), I HAVE to get back onto the slopes!

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