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  • Destiny Yarbro

Create until you are not afraid to create.

Write until you are not afraid to write.

Perhaps you will always be afraid.

Isaac Asimov got up every morning at dawn and wrote until noon. Every day.

He published 400 books in his lifetime, by showing up on a regular basis.


Too often I assume that those who succeed are those who have figured out the secret of life. That somehow, they have discovered a way to make millions with little investment.

What I've realized is that even if those people exist, I don't want to be like them.

I want to succeed because I put in the hard work.

I want to show up on a regular basis and have the work flow to prove it.

I want to be vulnerable and scared to share my latest project.

Afterall, isn't fear a sign that you're truly living?

Provo, Utah

16 Feb 2016

12:15 AM

What to do when it's your turn. Seth Godin. Book Cover from Destiny Yarbro. Motivational Speaker and Quotes.

Get inspired for your projects.


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