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What role do you play in your dream?

What is your ultimate dream?

What role do you play in reaching your dream?

Suppose you dream of being an actor. You studied acting in college and have been involved in many productions, but mainly as "Villager #3". You have decided to put in your time and wait patiently for a good agent to recognize your talent and finally get you that Hamlet role you've always dreamed of playing.

But what if that agent never comes? What if your patience never pays off?

If just the thought of never playing the role of Hamlet hurts your heart, why would you let another person, in this case an agent, be in charge of your dream?

Why not take an active role in your goal? Why not set up your own theatre group? Why not lead your own community production and invite agents to give you feedback? Why not knock on doors of every agent in your area, determined not to stop until you have the best one in the business? Why not be a Rudy and volunteer at a big theatre without pay just so you can be around the best?

Why on earth would you wait for another human being to determine your life's dream?

Many careers seeped in tradition seem to have only one way to getting to the top. You cannot afford to cross your fingers and hope someone takes notice of you. Your work is much too important to the world to be hidden.

What role do you play in your dreams: the driver or a kid sitting in the back of a bus? The musician or the guy tuning the piano before the show? Hamlet or Villager #3?

23 March 2016

Saigon, Vietnam


To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.


Inspiration for your online projects.


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