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OOPS Deal! $258 Los Angeles to Copenhagen [Round Trip]

Photo of main river up Copenhagen. Oops Deals. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro. Cheap Flights

I've decided to start a category of posts on crazy cheap or mistake flight deals that I come across through my weekly (often daily) flight searches online. Book quickly as I do not know how long they will be available. I just hope you guys find your dream flight through one of these posts. [Let me know if you do - it'll make my day!! :) ]


2. Type in LAX to CPH and select "Cheapest Month" for both depart and return flights.

3. Choose the $129 one way flights on the calendar for a total of $258 for your dream trip to Europe!

Oops Deals. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro. Cheap Flights

FYI - If you don't want to go to Copenhagen, search Ryanair for cheap flights to your dream destination. Or travel like I do in Europe >>


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Travel Hacks Save You $100. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro.


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