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OOPS Deal! $399 16 Night Transatlantic Cruise: Texas to Spain

Cruise ship in Norway. OOPS Deal. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro. Cheap Cruises

In 2013, instead of flying to Europe, I booked one of these crazy cheap transatlantic cruises. I flew from Phoenix to New Orleans for $100, then took the cruise ship from to Florida, Azores, England, Norway and then Denmark. I then bought a cheap flight to Germany, my final destination.


2. Click on transatlantic or transatlantic cruises.

3. Leave the rest of the boxes blank so you can find the best deals and click search.

Cheap cruises from $399 to $449. OOPS Deal. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro. Cheap Cruises

You may wonder why on earth a cruise line would offer such cheap voyages.

Here's the thing. Cruise ships work on circuits. They'll circle around the Caribbean for half the year and then switch locations. They're desperate to book any customers for the transition voyage so the tickets are waaaaaay cheap. It's free food everyday, entertainment, AND you get to see a few countries on the way! I absolutely loved my trip, though I do have three recommendations:

1. Go WITH someone. This is important for two reasons. First, typically you can only book a cabin with two paying passengers. Second, 17 days at sea is a long time without a buddy. That said, I met some AMAZING friends on the cruise that I'm in contact with to this day!

2. Check the cruise line's tipping policy before booking. Some ships require a minimum tipping fee which can add to your cheap cruise.

3. Book a cheap Ryanair ticket from where you disembark to wherever your final destination is. The most expensive part of a trip to Europe is the flight over, after that you can use travel hacks to keep the costs down.


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