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6 Easiest Ways to Meet Mormons Abroad

6 Easiest Way to Meet Mormons Abroad. LDS Nomad.

This is the Church's wonderful tool to help you find a chapel wherever you go. You can often find the contact information to bishops and branch presidents when you click on a specific building.

Screen Shot of LDS Meetinghouse Locator - branch in Rwanda. LDS Nomad. Travel Hacks for Mormons

2. Mormon Explorer

This the couch-surfing site for LDS travelers. The best part is that you can look for people willing to take you to church, show you around, meet you for lunch, or anything else. It's still a growing community but I am excited to see where it goes as more and more members join!

Screenshot of Mormon Explorer home page. LDS Nomad. Mormon Travel Hacks

3. LDS Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are my number one way of making connections with members before arriving in a country. You can start building relationships before your trip and talk to multiple people at once. Look up "LDS" or "Mormon" + Name of the Country or Name of the City. Ask about housing, directions to church or anything else and I have found you'll receive an answer.

I don't recommend asking directly if you can live with members. I find it best to reach out to the bishop or branch president and ask if there are any members in the area who would appreciate some rent money coming in each month in exchange for a place to stay. The leaders would know best about any financial strain on the members or issues that could arise.

Screen shot of Vietnam LDS FB group called "LDS Church in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi). LDS Nomad.

4. YSA Conferences

I'm a young adult so this is more for those of you out there who are 'single and ready to mingle'! Most areas of the Church hold young single adult conferences. I have a friend in Turkey, Arif, who attends multiple conferences per year and meets a variety of members. There is no site to find these (that I know of) but you'll hear about them from the leadership in your area.

Here are some articles from past conferences:

There is even a YSA center in Europe! Learn more here >

Photo of members in Middle Eastern clothing working on a service project.

Photo courtesy of Bless Afable, iBlessphotography

5. Go Hang Out at the Temple

As obvious as it may seem, if there is a temple in or near the country you're going to - visit! You'll meet amazing members!

Remember that many of the international temples have temple housing options for patrons. Call ahead of time to 'book' your stay in the dorms. (They're not open Sundays or Mondays usually.) For example, our German ward went to the Frankfurt Temple and stayed in the dorms for a night or two. It was a great experience - even with the hyper 10+ young women staying with us for their youth temple trip. ;)

Photo of me and 5 other girls standing in front of Frankfurt Temple. LDS Nomad

Standing in front of the Frankfurt Germany temple with my fellow LDS au pairs. :)

6. Wear Your BYU Shirt

Not quite as attention grabbing as a missionary name tag, I think I have had more success meeting LDS members wearing a BYU shirt than any other method. I once went on a cheap transatlantic cruise to Europe and met 10+ LDS people on-board just because they spotted my shirt. :)

Photo of me standing in front of a German statue, posing with a BYU shirt on. LDS Nomad. Mormon Travel Hacks

Let me know if I missed a way that you've met members abroad. :)

Happy travels, everyone, and remember to SUBSCRIBE for more LDS travel hacks!


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