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Sunrise Over New York City [Day 2]

Tons of buildings with windows reflecting the colors of the sunrise. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro. ASL Host for Rovia


I was up at 5 - I'm an early bird - so without planning to, I got to see the "sunrise". Which was mainly watching the colors change on the building reflections - but it was really peaceful before all the heavy traffic started and I was feeling bursts of gratitude for this new job of mine. What a miracle!

I met with my trainer and co-host, Jim and Catherine. Spending a weekend with them has been wonderful - they are awesome! :) Jim has been with the company for decades and gives me so many wonderful tips and suggestions. We watched the news about the Dallas shootings together - just shocked.

I have to share something that was just awesome and totally unexpected. I think Jim and Catherine could tell that I don't swear because they were quick to limit their cussing around me. SO kind of them! :)

Anyways, after we worked out the logistics for our hearing and Deaf clients, we had lunch together at a wonderful Thai restaurant, Topaz, down the street. Oh how it made me miss Vietnam!

I went back to the hotel for a power nap and then then our customers arrived and I realized two things very quickly:

1) These people are SO fun and social and ready to have a good time. For the most part, they were easy going and just thrilled to be there.

2) They were from all backgrounds - nationally, financially, heritage, etc. There was such a variety - a breath of fresh air! (To be honest, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.)

I had a blast talking to everyone and getting to know them. That night we had a welcome reception in the Penthouse Suite (I know, right - so cool for this lil' country girl!). I was signing nearly the entire time - it is great to be traveling with Deaf clients!

The best part was when Jim mentioned the Dallas shootings and how the best part of this trip is that we're all from different backgrounds and there is no prejudice or racism in this group. We're all together to have a good time and become friends. As New York is under alert, everyone was a little edgy I'm sure, and this became one of the most tender moments of the trip for me.

Happy Travels!


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