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Fiddler on the Roof and Going to Church in the Manhattan Temple [Day 4]

Standing in front of the temple - selfie showing most of the building above me. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro New York City LDS Church Meetings.

Even though I was technically working (sadly), I had an incredible Sabbath!

After spending time with the Rovia members in the morning, I was able to go to church in downtown NYC. The LDS building is made up of church offices (floors 1-2), a chapel (floor 3) and a temple (floor 4 and above). It was incredible!

The chapel had a large pipe organ and I could not help but wonder what the organist does for work in NYC because he was absolutely amazing. I felt like I was in a cathedral.

Standing in front of the sign: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro. ASL Host for Rovia.

I was able to attend the YSA ward and Sunday School. I even saw one of the elders from my mission who is working as a consultant in NYC. I love reunions like that! It was such a blessing to have a window of time to attend church!


After a nap, our Rovia group went to the FIDDLER THE ROOF on Broadway!!!

Me standing in front of the Broadway building with Fiddler on the Roof signs. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro. ASL Host for Rovia.

Many of you know my family, but Fiddler goes way back. First of all, my mom performed in Fiddler for USO back in her early 20s - so she still says "mozel tof" every day or two. :) Second, we grew up watching this musical together as a family over and over and over. It is probably my most favorite musical of all time.

There were SO many people wearing yamakas, both modern and orthodox Jews attending, and the Jewish pride filled that room. It was awesome! :) I was also amazed to see that Melanie Moore (from So You Think You Can Dance) was Chava!

People with yamakas waiting in line. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro. ASL Host for Rovia.

This was my first ever Broadway show in NYC and I was absolutely GIDDY. :) We were in the only theatre actually on the street called Broadway and it was built in the 1920s. So cool! :)

In the major theatre - view from the balcony to the stage below. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro. ASL Host for Rovia.

The show started, the fiddler walked out, and I immediately got all emotional. I can't even begin to describe the experience I had watching it. Especially on the Sabbath. It was perfect.

I did not expect the theme of refugees to stand out so strongly. I realized that those behind the scenes were trying to communicate that this story is not one only for the 1800s. It is a story that resonates across the world. Modern day Tevyes and Goldes - through no fault of their own - are forced to leave their own Anatevkas and seek a place of tolerance and peace. It touched me deeply...

One of the most incredible days of my life. Feeling so blessed to be here.


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