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The Life-Changing Conversation w/ My Taxi Driver [Day 5]

Today was my last day in New York City. In 2 days I'm off to Memphis, Tennessee!

Me standing between Jim and Catherine in the hotel.

Cracking up with my awesome co-hosts, Jim and Catherine. :)

After saying goodbye to the Rovia members and my fellow co-hosts, I checked out of the Parker Meridien and then left my bags at the front desk while I went to the Topaz Thai restaurant once more. (Second time going there and it makes me almost feel like I'm in Southeast Asia again. :) )

Hotel lobby of the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in downtown NYC. Two story with large columns and a old Victorian feel. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro. ASL Host for Rovia.

I then took a taxi to the airport. The man that I road with was name Ali. He was from Bangladesh and just a BRIGHT man. He has two young sons and told me his wife is his "first and last wife". He told me that yesterday (for the first time in 17 years of driving), two men opened up the passenger door while he was at a stoplight and stole everything he had. He was still shaken up and said that if he had any other options, he would have quit his job last night. He was asking me about jobs in Arizona and such and I could tell he was still in a bit of shock. He drives a cab about 12 hours per day and had invested much to get his cab. It hurt my heart that he felt so stuck and I told him I would pray for him.

I cannot help but want to find some employment for him. I could tell by his eyes that he is a good man. I could not help but think that this is one of the "immigrants" we trash talk in the news. A good man, working hard, with a young family, committed to his wife, and eager to make his way.

So grateful for conversations that change my life...


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