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Epic Dance Party on Lake Michigan [Chicago Day 2&3]

I had a BLAST today!

It all started with breakfast. I decided to make a goal to memorize everyone's names. I think I'm at about 50% of the group so far and it's been amazing to see the results of this goal!

FIRST, I noticed was a genuine connection with the members I meet. People took the time to memorize my name, I took the time to make a little rhyme to remember theirs. And when we had dilemmas with incorrect schedules (making our members have to wait in the lobby for almost an hour for the buses to arrive), I felt that members were extra aware that we were doing the best we could to fix the situation. We have amazing members, so I'm sure they would have been great anyways, but it was good to be able to walk up to them and tell them, by name, about the schedule change.

SECOND, when we arrived on the lunch cruise, I had more of a blast than with any group prior to this trip. I was not embarrassed to dance with the group and be my (slightly crazy) self. I LOVE people, especially when I know them, and learning their names helps me feel completely comfortable to be myself around them.

As a side note, the lunch cruise was amazing on Lake Michigan! We had delicious food, a fun dance party, and incredible views of the Chicago skyline and the sailboats (I kept forgetting we weren't on the ocean because you can't see the other side of the lake, it's so huge!)

THIRD, learning everyone's names kept me busy during breakfast. We are in the breakfast area for 3 hours in the morning to meet our members as they come and go. This is a long period of time and so it kept my mind fresh and my energy up to focus on memorizing names.

All I can say is that I will continue to do this with my other groups. I think it just makes the trip that much better for them and me if we are more than just "the host" of the trip.

And, as there wasn't too much that happened yesterday besides work, I will just say that the highlight of yesterday was watching the lightning storm above the city last night. HUGE bolts of lightening that would light up the sky and reflect in the skyscraper windows around me. It was AMAZING!!! :D

Happy travels, everyone! :)


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