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Want to build an online business but have no viable ideas? Take mine!

Two weeks ago, I launched IDEAS SPARKED, a way for you to take my ideas and run with them.

I never run out of ideas. Idea generation is hard to turn off. This can be both a blessing and curse. I have too many business ideas and not enough time or energy to launch them all myself.

A couple of friends and family have told me recently to pray for people to find me who are willing to take my ideas and run with them. I started praying for this a couple of weeks ago and this morning I woke up with the idea to post descriptions of the kind of people I need for a project or business.

Today I launched a beta version of IDEAS SPARKED.

Click to go to: IDEAS SPARKED, a entrepreneurship program by Destiny Yarbro.

Please glance through the 9 projects I have uploaded so far and apply for any that you feel passionately about. Some projects I need someone to assist me with, others I need someone to direct the majority of the business with myself in an adviser role. After I receive your 5 minute long application, I'll contact you directly to set up a video chat.

Click to go to: IDEAS SPARKED. Destiny Yarbro entrepreneurship program.

It's funny how our childhood perceptions play such a big role in determining our life path.

When I was young I always told myself that I wasn't creative. That mentality followed me wherever I go and I can't help but wonder today what I could have done if I didn't let this negative self-perception limit me.

Fast forward to my senior year of college when I started writing down every dumb idea that came to my mind. Over time, I realized that for every 10 dumb ideas that came, 1 really good idea flowed.

I still come up with dumb ideas, but I get a lot more good ideas now after all practicing for years. And, I now feel comfortable telling myself that I'm a very creative person.

The ideas I post on IDEAS SPARKED are close to my heart because I truly believe they will make the world a better place. I am THRILLED to invite others to be my partners in these ventures!

I need fellow dreamers to adopt my ideas and use their creative juices to build socially conscious businesses and nonprofit organizations. Passion and willingness to 'figure out a way' trumps any experience on your resume, so if you have the passion and tenacity to make a project happen, don't hesitate to apply!

Looking forward to reading your resume! :)

22 Aug 2016

Provo, Utah


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