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My brother just got back from Semester at Sea and Ireland! [VIDEO]

Abram Yarbro sitting on top of camel in Morocco during his Sahara trip on Semester at Sea. LDS Nomad Destiny Yarbro SAS Semester at Sea ISE. 10 Reasons Why Semester at Sea is Worth the Cost

Hello everyone!!

My brother, Abram, just got back from being abroad for 8 months! He went on Semester at Sea and then lived in Ireland for 3 months.

He just published his SAS video - you've got to watch it! :D

[Turn on CC to see the locations.]

Both Abram and I have been blessed to be able to make Semester at Sea happen with the help of scholarships - SAS offers tons of them - and it was WORTH all the effort to apply and save money for this voyage!

Click to read: 10 Reasons Why Semester at Sea Is Worth the Cost. LDS Nomad. Destiny Yarbro. SAS Semester at Sea ISE University of the 7 Seas.

Comment below here or on 10 Reasons Why Semester at Sea is Worth the Cost with any questions about SAS.

Happy travels and welcome home, Abram!


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